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Titatnium Alloys

Our range of Titanium alloys, such as Ti-6Al-4V or Ti64, are in high demand due to their favourable characteristics of exceptional mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resis- tance, and biocompatibility. Despite being lighter in weight compared to other superalloys and steels, Ti64 offers superior fatigue resistance compared to other lightweight alloys. It is commonly used in additive manufacturing processes such as powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition. It is particularly well-suited to produce complex geometries and parts with high strength and low weight.

Titanium Alloy Powder

Commercially Pure Titanium CP-Ti

Commerically Pure Titanium Powder

Our Commercially Pure Titanium (CP-Ti) is a nearly pure form of titanium with minimal amounts of other elements. Widely used in additive manufacturing, it offers advantages such as excellent biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, and low modulus of elasticity. While Ti64 is known for its higher strength and better mechanical properties, CP-Ti's unique properties make it suitable for applications where strength is not a primary requirement, for example, medical implants, dental implants, and surgical instruments. CP-Ti has better biocompatibility than other titanium alloys due to its low Young's modulus, which closely matches that of a human bone. It also exhibits good weldability, making it easier to work with than other titanium alloys. Further, CP-Ti is generally less expensive than Ti64 yet offers similar performance for numerous applications.

Aluminium Alloys

Introducing our Spherical Aluminium Variant AlSi10Mg – a versatile and high-performance alloy that delivers outstanding mechanical properties while being lightweight. This versatile material can undergo various heat treatments to meet specific requirements, including improved ductility and conductivity. Further, its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity makes it ideal for diverse industries.

Aluminium Alloy Powder

Ferro Alloys SS316/SS316L/SS304

Ferro Alloys

Our range offers exceptional results, whether you require a material that can withstand the harsh marine environment, meet rigorous aerospace and automotive demands, or perform well in a variety of industrial applications. Our range of stainless-steel powders includes SS316L, a marine-grade austenitic stainless steel offering high strength, toughness, flowability, and unparalleled corrosion and abrasion resistance. SS316 is a versatile micro powder that excels in a wide range of applications, including PM, MIM, sintering, 3D printing, and surface treatments for aluminium, copper, and zinc castings. With exceptional corrosion and oxidation resistance, elevated temperature mechanical strength, and impressive room temperature mechanical strength and toughness, SS316 is the ideal choice for numerous industrial applications. Finally, we offer SS304, an aerospace-grade austenitic stainless steel known for its high toughness and non-magnetic properties making it the perfect material for applications requiring comprehensive performance, corrosion resistance and formability.

Aluminium Alloys Al7075/Al6061

Our Spherical Aluminium Alloy variants Al7075 & Al6061- high-strength, heat-treatable alloys designed to deliver exceptional performance in demanding applications. Al7075 and Al6061 are highly desirable in industries where weight reduction is essential, as they are both lightweight compared to many other metals. With Zinc, Magnesium, Chromium, and Copper added as hardeners, Al7075 is much stronger than carbon steel after age-hardening heat treatment, making it ideal for high-stress applications. Its unique properties make it suitable for manufacturing parts with complex geometries that require high strength-to-weight ratios. On the contrary, Al6061 finds extensive use in construction, automotive, and general-purpose applications because of its excellent weldability and formability. Its versatility stems from its ability to offer good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. Moreover, Al6061 can be easily machined and anodized to provide a decorative finish while enhancing its corrosion resistance.

Aluminium Alloys

Cobalt Alloys

Our range of Cobalt-chromium or Stellite alloys, such as Cobalt Chromium Tungsten (CoCrW), are widely used in additive manufacturing due to their remarkable mechanical and physical properties. Being a high-performance material, it is predominantly used in applications that require excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and toughness. The alloy's unique properties, combined with its bio compatibility, make it suitable for use in medical implants and devices.

Cobalt Alloy Powder
Nickel Alloy Powder

Nickel Alloys

Nickel-HX alloys, also known as High-Temperature Heat-Resistant Alloys, are a group of nickel-based superalloys designed to exhibit excellent high-temperature performance, corrosion resistance, and strength. These alloys are primarily composed of nickel with the addition of chromium, molybdenum, and other metals to impart unique properties making them versatile and reliable materials in critical applications. Nickel-HX alloys offer exceptional resistance to creep and thermal fatigue at high temperatures. Additionally, their outstanding resistance to corrosion and oxidation in both acidic and alkaline environments enable their use in offshore oil rigs and chemical processing facilities.

Nickel Alloys

Nickel Alloy

Our collection of Nickel-based superalloys, such as Inconel 718 and Inconel 625, also known as Ni718 and Ni625, offers exceptional mechanical strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Withstanding tem- peratures up to 704°C (1300°F), these alloys are suitable for high-temperature applications in chemical processing, marine engineering, aerospace, and oil and gas.

Ni625 contains a higher percentage of nickel (around 60%) and molybdenum, while Ni718 has a higher niobium and tantalum percentage, making it more expensive. Ni718 is known for its exceptional mechanical strength and hardness, while Ni625 is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and fatigue strength. Additionally, Ni625 is more easily weldable due to its lower carbon content.

Custom Alloys

Looking for a way to take your research and development projects to the next level?
We at MatrixNano understand that every client has unique requirements; hence, we offer custom spherical powders that are tailor-made to your exact composition and size range specifications. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop custom alloys that meet your specific needs, giving you precise composition control and exceptional performance in even the most demanding applications. With our high-quality, reliable custom spherical powders, you can trust that you're getting a product designed to meet your exact requirements. Whether you're working on a cutting-edge research project or developing a new product for your business, our custom spherical alloy powders are the ideal choice.

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