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India's First Plasma Based Nano Material & Nano Product Manufacturing

About MatrixNano

Saveer MatrixNano is one of India’s leading Nano and Spherical powder manufacturers, and powder metallurgy specialising in the production of high-quality nanotechnology-based materials. They have a strong reputation for providing innovative, high-performance solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Matrix Nano offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, including metal powders, alloy powders, ceramic powders, and composite powders, all of which are manufactured using cutting-edge techniques and equipment. Their powders are highly uniform and consistent in size, shape, and chemical composition, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including electronics, coatings, energy storage, and biomedical applications.
Saveer MatriNano- Offerings

Our Powders

Titanium Alloys Ti6AAl4v

Saveer MatrixNano-Titanium Alloys

Aluminium Alloys 


Saveer MatrixNano-Aluminium Alloys

Ferro Alloys


Saveer MatrixNano-Ferro Alloys

Nickel Alloys


Saveer MatrixNano-Nickel Alloys

Cobalt Alloys


Saveer MatrixNano-Cobalt Alloys

Our Services

3 D Printing Machine

3D Printing Machine-Saveer MatrixNano

Our Valuable Clientele

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Amace Solutions

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